The First Spring Day, Daffodil Sunrises and Eclipse; Little Blue Bulbs, Mishtaken Origins, Stuffocation and Scillas.


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Better late then? March 10th will be recorded as the first proper day of spring for 2015 at Gelli Uchaf. Sunshine, little wind, temperatures nearing double figures, and at last I see my first bumblebee of the year. A fortnight … Continue reading

Candles in the Wind – The delights of Snow Crocuses; and Spiral Conundrum Reprise


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How do flowers open? And close? Almost in the twinkling of an eye, and in this chilliest season of the year. The rose can’t manage it, even in the warmest of summer days – the bud unfurls gradually on one … Continue reading

NGS Snowdrop Garden and Spring Bulbs 2014 – ‘Second Week’ at Gelli Uchaf


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What a difference a few days makes at this time of the year. Particularly if you get a little sunshine. As the second in a series of mainly image based posts to record the progress of the spring bulb emergence … Continue reading

A Winter’s Tale – Into the West and the Intricately Dead (Welsh) Snow Drop; Resupination; and Heating a Greenhouse with Compost (Part 10 Update).


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Follow me on a circuitous journey. A Winter’s Tale for this, thus far, mainly non-wintry season. Saturday January 11th dawned bright and crisp as a winter’s day should be… The sun rose, the forecast was for skies of winter blue…… … Continue reading

New Life, New Tricks; Freeze Dried Mushrooms; A Symphony of Snowdrops.


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Winter will return next week, but for now we bask in the after glow of 3 dry WEEKS, and much new life bursting onto the scene. The frogs have dodged or diced with death via the heron, otters, and last … Continue reading

The Heat Goes On (Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential and Heating a Greenhouse With a Compost Bed – Part 5); Unintended Consequences; Looking Back, and Forward.


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It’s now over 7 weeks since I set up ‘The Reactor’, an external compost bed designed to heat the ‘inner zone’ in our 14 X 8 foot cedar framed greenhouse. Thanks again to Fiona’s patience and wizardry with Excel, I’m … Continue reading

Confusion and Cloud Cover, Moss Mayhem, Water in and Water out and Snapping Hazels


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A cacophony of climate confusion perplexes me as we head into a New Year. December 2010 saw the coldest UK December on record, autumn and December 2011 the warmest on record. In between, a record-breaking sunny, dry and early spring; extreme drought in Shropshire, … Continue reading