Downs Tools, Walks and West Wales Snowdrops; and Floral Symmetry.


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No disgust here, but delight at a fabulous clear blue sky on the morning of February 17th. Clearly time to down tools, and walk. The inevitable late-stage symptom of rural disease. Not entirely true either since I spent much of … Continue reading

New Life, New Tricks; Freeze Dried Mushrooms; A Symphony of Snowdrops.


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Winter will return next week, but for now we bask in the after-glow of 3 dry WEEKS, and much new life bursting onto the scene. The frogs have dodged, or diced with, death via the heron, otters, and last night … Continue reading

Caucasian Bed Fellows and Leaving Your Mark; Bees and Belts; and Red, Blue or Black (Part 6 of Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential – Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed).


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Few tasks a gardener undertakes are likely to leave a mark in a century or more. Unless you happen to be a part of one of those all too rare gardening dynasties – think perhaps of the Banks family of … Continue reading

Wild West Wales Snowdrops, National Botanic Garden Solitude, Perspectives and Inspirational Gardens


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I decided to slot in a quick post to record a trip out after cabin fever was descending following the rigours of the recent cold. A planned all day electricity outage for another cold, but as it turned out slightly … Continue reading