Garden Views 2013

Please look in the drop down monthly folders (on the right of the annual Garden Views boxes on the home page above) to see a selection of our favourite images from the garden through the seasons in 2013. Below are just one from each month of the year …SDIM6562 (2)SDIM8063 (2)SDIM8675 (2)SDIM9570 (2)SDIM9958 (2)SDIM1294 (2)SDIM1478 (2)SDIM1296 (2)SDIM2419 (2)SDIM2900 (2)SDIM3212 (2)SDIM4129 (2)SDIM4318 (2)SDIM4667 (2)

Thanks for reading. For more recent garden views, and to see how the garden has developed, check out this year’s images …

For 2014 our garden at Gelli Uchaf will open through the year from February to the end of August when we’re around, by appointment, for charity under the National Gardens Scheme. Please see the ‘Visiting the Garden’ page for details, or by clicking here. 

Last updated 2/04/2014

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