Garden Views-04-April 2011

The terrace garden starts to bloom 23/04/11


Emerging wild ferns and sweet woodruff flowers - great groundcover at the base of a large oak 25/04/11

The beautiful Rhododendron 'Naomi' flowers for the first time with us 25/04/11

Bluebells, Rhododendron and White Honesty 22/04/11

Meconopsis grandis in full flow 24/04/11


Camassia leitchtlinii and Narcissus ‘Jenny’
A woodland view on 20/04/11
Another lovely flower from a shady spot – Epimedium rubrum 23/4/11
A beautiful natural mix of colour and form in the early flowering woodland pea Lathyrus vernus


Purple Bugle takes up the baton as the best Bumblebee nectar flower, just as Pulmonaria longifolia is finishing

Male Orange-tip butterfly on Aubrieta flowers


Aubrieta is a wonderful nectar plant for many insects like this Bee Fly

Bugle, Golden Marjoram and Mossy Saxifrage – a favourite combination

Early morning light on the front terrace, with colour at last becoming obvious 14/04/11

Spring morning mist can be just as lovely, though less frequent than those in the autumn 16/04/11

At last found a location for growing the beautiful Erythronium californicum successfully, in moist soil shaded by our large oak tree 16/04/11

Magnolia stellata and Rhododendron Dora Amateis 16/04/11

At its peak now, Amelanchier canadensis, wonderful blossom and early leaf colours 17/04/11

Mossy saxifrage and Labradorian VioletGradually re-working the longhouse border 16/04/11

Tulipa 'Little Beauty' and Tulipa 'Peppermint Stick'... second year's flowers


Narcissus Jenny.... A lovely later daffodil which clearly has some attraction to bumblebees

Oxalis oregana f.smalliana

Tulipa 'Flaming Purissima' - second year's flowering in plunged, slate mulched pots 4/04/11


Dwarf Rhododendron Ginny Gee

A reliable floriferous April flowering Rhododendron Dora Amateis

Pulmonaria and Hellebores still providing lots of flowers
Narcissus ‘Pipit’ . Strongly scented and reliable with us in containers

Stunning scent from many spring flowering Viburnum, like burkwoodii....after moving it for the third time!

Narcissus Thalia ... a perfect timed follow on from the shorter Topolino

Bee Flies enjoy Pulmonaria flowers for nectar just as much as bumblebees


Worth waiting for the flowers to open. T.’Little Beauty’


Lily of the Valley, Cardamine trifolia, Galanthus nivalis and Hellebore hybridus 4/04/11

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