Garden Views-05-May 2018

May began with the garden suffering from the very cool March and April, but with daffodils therefore still looking really good…

30 mm of rain fell overnight on May 1st, but afterwards a sudden change in weather fortunes ended with the hottest, sunniest and best early spring bank holiday (nationally), since this bank holiday was created.

Even better, as a result of a last minute forced change of plan, for once we had no visitors or commitments, so could really enjoy it, even though the Monday was spent with all manner of different jobs from dawn until dusk!

Still 2 fabulous breakfasts outside on the terrace reminded us of how very special this place is, and how wonderful the light often is. Even if this year the dawn chorus, and bird song generally, is a fraction of what we’re used to. Is this just a consequence of the very severe winter? Or is the decline in bird numbers, particularly swallows – we only seem to have a single pair this year – a more worrying sign of general decline in population numbers?  

This May is the first year that our developing selection of Primula sieboldii have flowered in the ground, and shown what very tough plants they seem to be, having come through March’s terrible freeze drying, some with leaves above ground, with no ill effects.