Garden Views-011-November 2011


Having wowed with its rich blue earlier in the year, the 'flowers' of Hydrangea 'Blue Zorro' fade through mauves and purples before straw gold takes over in December/January 28/11/11


Late October/early November is the time for Parrotia persica to shine. Pity that it never seems to perform over the whole tree at the same time, up here.10/11/11


Lets hope that the march of the new Fuchsia thrip doesn't mean that we can't grow these F.magellanica any more.14/11/11


Roses in.....November??? This year, an emphatic yes. R.'Bonica' still lighting up the garden 10/11/11


Beautiful bud of Camellia sasanqua 'Narumigata'. After waiting 5 years for the first flowers, all 4 sasanquas we grow have flowered this year. It was worth the waiting.17/11/11


The washing line spiral, a motif cribbed from Welsh quilting designs which was used to signify everlasting life..(.a never ending spiral), looks best in the autumn/winter with the leaves falling away from the Salix and Cornus growing below and behind 10/11/11


Another favourite Hydrangea, H.grandiflora, still going strong in mid November 10/11/11


Moongazing hares, gazing at the sun. 17/11/11


Maturing heads of Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy' and the young foliage of a Buddleja interesting chance colour combination 17/11/11


November is always a good time for tree work....if you like using a chainsaw... 19/11/11


Zelkova serrata, a Japanese Elm, grown from seed provides some of the last deciduous tree leaf change, this year hanging on into December before leaf fall 17/11/11


With the mild autumn many fungi continued to appear into December. This tiny, less than 1 cm but perfectly formed one, on the stem of an Honesty seedling. 18/11/11


Fleeting in this graceful colour leached decay, ferns and Sedum specatabile 22/11/11


The gorgeous unfurling buds of Camellia sasanqua 'Jean May' 22/11/11


Still lots of foliage interest in the shrubbery in this very mild autumn, Fuchsias, Buddleja,Viburnum 23/11/11


November, and leaf colour change on the Salix preluding the winter value of coloured stems 24/11/11

Another picture of a favoured plant combination in a November blow. Miscanthus and Eryngium alpinum 24/11/11

Cyclamen coum start to produce more flowers through November, and we like to leave the honesty seedheads on for as long as possible 15/11/11

Most years end up with a few bonfires to clear the brash from felling/tree work 15/11/11

Our garden at Gelli opens by appointment for charity most of the year for the N.G.S.
Please see our website for contact details

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