Garden Views-03-March 2014

S1000086 (2)SDIM5704 (2)SDIM5747 (2)SDIM5737 (2)SDIM5774 (2)SDIM5777 (2)SDIM5782 (2)SDIM5789 (2)SDIM5784 (2)SDIM5791 (2)SDIM5795 (2)SDIM5808 (2)SDIM5799 (2)SDIM5818 (2)SDIM5853 (2)SDIM5849 (2)SDIM5823 (2)SDIM5905 (2)SDIM5877 (2)SDIM5912 (2)SDIM5920 (2)SDIM5937 (2)SDIM5949 (2)SDIM5953 (2)SDIM5959 (2)SDIM5968 (2)SDIM5989 (2)SDIM6000 (2)SDIM6086 (2)SDIM6095 (2)SDIM6020 (2)SDIM6011 (2)SDIM5939 (2)SDIM6036 (2)SDIM6119 (2)SDIM6122 (2)SDIM6109 (2)Rainfall total for the month was 86.8 mm, with plenty of sunshine, as seen from the PV record…SDIM7269 (2)

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