Garden Views-03-March 2015

SDIM0711 (2)March began where February left off. Cold, and windy. By March 7th temperatures had risen a little, but we’d now had the strange experience of a garden full of late winter and early spring flowers for weeks on ends, and only 3 very brief occasions when honeybees were able to visit them. SDIM0729 (2)By March 7th, I still hadn’t seen a bumblebee, though Fiona spotted one on February 26th. So, still plenty of work for me to do with a pollinating brush outside, since I’m becoming a huge advocate of multiplying up these late winter bulb based jewels, (Cyclamen coum, snowdrops, crocus and winter aconites), by sowing home grown seed. But without pollination, you won’t get any!SDIM0718 (2)SDIM0720 (2)SDIM0705 (2)SDIM0756 (2)SDIM0764 (2)SDIM0752 (2)SDIM0775 (2)SDIM0779 (2)SDIM0699 (2)SDIM0712 (2)SDIM0708 (2)SDIM0766 (2)SDIM0808 (2)SDIM0792 (2)Finally, on March 10th, the first proper spring day. Low winds, warm sunshine, honeybees, and at last the first bumblebee photo of the the year. After nearly an hour of looking at flowers in the garden! It didn’t last, and wind and rain returned the following day. Often the morning and evening skies are great predictors of the topsy turvey March weather here.SDIM0879 (2)SDIM0842 (2)SDIM0864 (2)SDIM0829 (2) And on the same day, enough daffodils for a Welsh sunrise dish. Narcissus ‘Crewena’, top, and N. ‘Rjinveld’s Early Sensation’, below.  SDIM0822 (4)SDIM0832 (2)SDIM0848 (2)SDIM0854 (2)Eventually on March 17th, some wonderful sunny days, with huge numbers of bumblebees now flying. Even though the frosty nights meant little fresh grass growth, for the first of our lambed ewes. Then came a very special, partial, solar eclipse on March 20th. The first in springtime in the UK for 300 years. A clear blue sky, which darkened over an hour or so, with noticeable cooling, and strangely altered colours in the sky and garden. However without special filters, one couldn’t see just how obscured the sun had become.SDIM0845 (2)S1010002 (3)S1010010 (3b) … Solar eclipse light, below, around mid day  … SDIM1023 (3)SDIM1017 (2)SDIM1025 (4)SDIM1019 (2)SDIM0939 (2)SDIM0960 (2)SDIM0931 (2) A month with surprisingly little rain, 92 mm, and plenty of glorious sunshine.SDIM1124 (2)

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