Garden Views-04-April 2013

April 2013 began with an overnight bang, when an amazing ice structure fell from the sky. Click here and here for more images, discussion and comments. SDIM9030 (2)SDIM9029 (3)SDIM9102 (2)SDIM9177 (3) The weather was extreme – the unusual situation of sun filled days, but bitterly cold with continuing Easterly winds. The coldest April day for over 20 years, ‘hot’ on the heels of the coldest March for 60 years.
SDIM9343 (2) Freeze drying throughout the garden.SDIM9306 (2)SDIM9247 (2)SDIM9378 (2)SDIM9277 (2) SDIM9280 (2) But all the sunshine provided opportunities for outside work.SDIM9211 (2)SDIM9218 (2)

SDIM9361 (2)SDIM9260 (2)SDIM9245 (2)SDIM9228 (2)SDIM9230 (2)SDIM9248 (2)SDIM9289 (2)SDIM9298 (2)SDIM9326 (2)SDIM9300 (2)SDIM9290 (2) SDIM9283 (2)SDIM9314 (2)SDIM9342 (2)SDIM9364 (2)SDIM9369 (3)SDIM9235 (2) With the odd day’s exception, the month continued with temperatures and rainfall below average, sunshine a little above average, and for the first year since planting, no apple or pear blossom open during the whole month. Will there still be time, and weather conditions to allow for plants to catch up?SDIM9570 (2) SDIM9590 (2)SDIM9666 (2)SDIM9673 (2)SDIM9686 (2) SDIM9692 (2) SDIM9716 (2) SDIM9718 (2) SDIM9721 (2)

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