Garden Moths – Diary 03 March

L Early Thorn ( Male )

The images below of moths and butterflies found in March, are reproduced from the diary section of our DVD-ROM released in November 2008. Titled ” In A Different Light -A Garden’s Moths and Butterflies – A Photographic Diary”, all the images are copyrighted to us. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD-ROM, including a separate CD of the Dawn Chorus in our Garden for £10 plus P&P. There is much more information, and the images are of a much higher quality than the ones uploaded to the blog, on the DVD-ROM. There is additional information and reviews of the DVD-ROM on the Garden Moths ‘parent’ page.

The moths and butterflies are arranged in 4 size groupings – Large, Medium, Small, Tiny in each month, and the landscape, flower and ‘Moth Art’ images indicate a change of size category:

01c  Mawrth March 03 mm L aa 3snowdrop L aaZ3 L Brindled Beauty L Dotted Border (Male) L Early Thorn L Engrailed ( 7 ) L Engrailed L Herald L Oak Beauty L Orange Underwing (2) L Orange Underwing L Pale Brindled Beauty (Male ) L Pale Pinion L Peacock (B Hibernating) L Red Admiral ( B ) L Satellite

L Small Tortoiseshell (B)  L Spring Usher

L Twin-spotted Quaker M aa A3  M aa 3pulmonaria

M aaZ3 M Chestnut M Clouded Drab 1 M Clouded Drab 2 M Common Quaker

M Early Grey

M Early Moth (Male)

M Early Tooth-striped 2 M Hebrew Character M March Moth ( Male ) M Mottled Grey M Red Chestnut M Small Copper (B) M Yellow Horned 2 M Yellow Horned S aa 3Paeony S aa A3Rainbow S aaZ3 S Acleris notana S Agonopterix arenella S Agonopterix heracliana S Brindled Pug S Diurnea fagella S Oak Tree Pug S Small Quaker S Twenty-plume Moth (micro) T aa 3NarcJetfire T aa A3Brechfa T aaZ3 T Acleris cristana T Ocnerostoma friesei T Tortricodes alternella 2 T Tortricodes alternella za confusing species 1 za confusing species 2 zz 3Narcissus zz Sunset 3 zzzmar

Posted 30/12/2012

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