Garden Views-03-March 2017

March 2017 began with a run of quite wild wet and windy weather, with only occasional glimpses of sunshine. Great for moving snowdrops, not so brilliant for appreciating Crocus, which this year have had only a few opportunities to open fully.p1060428-2p1060639-2p1060635-2p1060637-2p1060646-2p1060653-2p1060656-2p1060659-2p1060665-2p1060667-2p1060671-2p1060674-2p1060681-2p1060690-2p1060679-2p1060647-2p1060676-2p1060683-2p1060680-2p1060687-2p1060636-2p1060655-2Around the last third of the month we enjoyed a few sunny dry days, before quite strong winds and rain returned, so that although it’s been a great year for daffodil flowering, the blooms have been a bit battered by the weather. Red Kites have been a constant daily presence for much of the month…As have song thrushes, which have given a wonderful background soundscape throughout late March days from their high vantage points, which they guard jealously… My effort to record our Welsh daffodils has continued, in spite of weather related photographic challenges. See the separate Welsh Daffodils 2017 page for more. As with snowdrops, just waiting for a few years works wonders in the impact a initial few bulbs can create … In a March when many plants have struggled with the weather, the Camellias have performed the best ever since they were planted nearly 10 years ago. A reminder of the benefits of plant diversity in the garden…

The rainfall total for the month was 223.7 mm, and for some reason it seems I didn’t photographically record the PV output, but it was 266.5 KWH.

Thanks for reading.