Garden Views 09 September 2012

September sunrise.

Cobwebbed Ageratina ligustrina.

Mossy croquet lawn.

Double Rainbow – notice the colour reversal of the second weaker rainbow, caused by the light being refracted twice – it completely escaped my attention until a Met Office blog pointed out that this is what always happens with double rainbows. And I thought I was observant.

Magic terrace garden.

Morning light on magic mushrooms.

Japanese Anemone and shadows, longhouse border.

The Season’s swallows enjoying some September sun.

Croquet lawn mist and Hydrangeas.

The Spiral and under-fleece carrot big bags.

Long house border.

And in morning light.

Matrix tyre garden.

High meadow shadows.

Amphitheatre Hydrangeas.

Magic terrace garden.

Flies on Welsh poppies, matrix tyre garden.

Small Copper butterfly, Lycaena phlaeas, on Asters, Magic Terrace Garden.

Southern Hawker dragonfly, Aeshna cyanea, on Aster, matrix tyre garden.

Terrace garden tubs.

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Auckland’ in the matrix tyre garden.



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