Garden Views-01-January 2015

The New Year began with a gloomy, wet, pink grey morning…S1030011a (2) The mild start to the year saw many flowers blooming weeks earlier than normal. Snowdrops were a real highlight, along with Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’.SDIM0035 (2)

Rain fell on most days until the middle of the month, when the weather turned colder, and light snow fell on a couple of days. Rainfall total for the month ended up at 204.5 mm.SDIM0066 (2)The coldest nights of the winter followed with temperaures down to minus 9 degrees C on the night of the 18th January.SDIM0030 (2)SDIM0015 (2)SDIM9982 (2)SDIM0037 (2)S1040006.aJPG (2)SDIM9977 (2)SDIM0056 (2)SDIM0061 (2)SDIM0062 (2)SDIM9992 (3)SDIM0045 (2)SDIM0025 (2)SDIM0059 (2)SDIM0031 (2)SDIM0102 (2)SDIM9986SDIM0088 (2)SDIM0094 (2)SDIM0114 (2) Thanks for reading.


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