Garden Views 010 October 2012


….. Morning light on the longhouse and long border…

…. and on the Blue Stone seat and shrubbery ….


…it’s the time of the year for valley bottom mists ….

…. and Asters in the Magic Terrace Garden….



….and for Hydrangea villosa to light up the amphitheatre bed…


….whilst Cornus sibirica always reliably kicks off the variable season of autumnal leaf colour change, through traffic light colour changes from green through yellow, orange, red, and deep plum before shedding its leaves fairly early to showcase the deep red stems. We must find room for more of this lovely tolerant plant…




…. here it is on the same day, but in a different warmer part of the garden, sandwiching a Hydrangea macrophylla….


… Just as early and reliable a harbinger of autumnal leaf fireworks in Acer aconitifolium in the Copse….


…the path into the copse in early October….

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Our garden at Gelli Uchaf opens most of the year, when we’re around, by appointment, for charity under the National Garden Scheme. Please see our website for contact details:

Last updated 9/10/12

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