Garden Views-05-May 2022

After a dry May 1st, continuing from the very dry April, some welcome light rain fell over the first week, including an unexpected cloudburst with around 7 mm falling in less than an hour. A considerable relief for stimulating grass growth for the sheep, and easing concerns about household water supplies.

Otherwise the weather for the beginning of the month was benign, with no frosts, generally light winds, and much light to get the next wave of garden flowers to shine, even if early May often sees the terrace garden pass through a temporary lull. The daffodils have lasted really well this year, but it’s always a shame to see them and the tulips finish for another year.

As always, there was a fair bit of wildflife activity to observe as we headed towards summer, including the Swedish butter churn honey bee hive breaking through their blocked base entry early in the month, thus allowing an easier route for them to clear out debris and dead bodies from the hive.