Garden Views-02-February 2014

SDIM5138 (2)SDIM5130 (2)SDIM5128 (2)S1150047 (2)SDIM5260 (2)SDIM5254 (2)SDIM5237 (2)SDIM5246 (2)SDIM5214 (2)SDIM5226 (2)SDIM5185 (2)SDIM5222 (2)SDIM5207 (2)SDIM5187 (2)SDIM5249 (2)SDIM5164 (2)SDIM5196 (2)SDIM5220 (2)SDIM5261 (2)SDIM5259 (2)S1150050 (2)SDIM5118 (2)SDIM5151 (2)SDIM5419 (2)SDIM5406 (2)SDIM5519 (2)SDIM5497 (2)SDIM5510 (2)SDIM5331 (2)SDIM5424 (2)SDIM5484 (2)SDIM5429 (2)SDIM5486 (2)SDIM5515 (2)SDIM5303 (2)SDIM5652 (2)SDIM5574 (2)SDIM5649 (2)SDIM5674 (2)SDIM5668 (2)SDIM5538 (2)SDIM5669 (2)

February rainfall total was a hefty 349.1 mm, ending a winter that went down in the record books as the wettest ever in Wales, 1098.4 mm – until that of 2015/16.

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