Garden Views-012-December 2011


Much of December 2011 was gloomy, grey and wet... 13/12/11


....but it meant that it stayed mild for much of the month, and there was still much stem and foliage interest....even if tweaked a bit 16/12/11


One of the last shots of the hares before relocating.... in a snowstorm with December!! 13/12/11


Snow or hail often highlights garden hard landscaping features - in this case the cobbles outside our front door 18/12/11


Work completed on the copse agarics, after a nice dry spell 2/12/11


Low morning sun produces an interesting image of the front of our longhouse 12/12/11


Lots of early flowering in this very mild end to the year. Daphne bholua Jacqueline Postill 27/12/11


First snowdrops, G.Mrs Macnamara on 27/12/11


First Crocus sieberii flower 30/12/11


And first Hamamelis 'Vesna' flower 27/12/11


But still Alstroemeria flowers in December ? 30/12/11


And White Honesty ?? 30/12/11. A very strange end and beginning to a gardening year


Our mossy copse at the turn of the year 30/12/11 Cyclamen coum providing relief from the greens and browns of the vista


Time to put the kettle on for a well earned c.o.t. 31/12/11. Happy New Year.

Our garden at Gelli opens by appointment for charity most of the year for the N.G.S.
Please see our website for contact details

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