Garden Views-05-May 2019

May 1st was the day after I experienced and collected our first swarm of bees from our on site, and recently acquired, beehive. The benign, though not warm weather when they took flight turned cooler, then over the first few days of May colder still with a brisk Northerly wind and a frost to minus 6 on the magic terrace on the night of May 4th. A challenge sufficient for this newbie bee friend to filch a frame of already packed honey from hive one to make accessible to the currently resource less swarm housed in an old German butter churn.

How the garden, which for many key shrubs like Hydrangeas is already very advanced, will fare after this shock remains to be seen. At least with warning I was able to cover the tender plants already outside, and managed to douse many shrubs and apple tree blossom with water at dusk using our extending flexible hose on maximum blast, in an effort to minimise damage.

I always feel that the garden changes faster at this time of the year, than in any other season, so below is a garden walk series photographed on the morning of May 4th.