Garden Views-11-November 2016

A fabulous October for autumnal colours continued well into the month, until November 9th, when the run of dry days ended with 24 mm of rain, and strong winds to bring down a lot of the remaining leaves on the mature native trees. Golden light, and coloured splendour.sdim0147-2sdim0150-2sdim0154-2sdim0200-2sdim0180-2sdim0193-2sdim0195-2sdim0183-2sdim0189-2sdim0153-2sdim0204-2sdim0196-2sdim0207-2sdim0172-2sdim0218-2s1040151-2sdim0173-2s1040150-2sdim0075-2sdim0167-2sdim0168-2The month ended with 2 hard frosts, down to minus 10 on the ground in front of the greenhouse, but a miserly rainfall for the month of just 81.7 mm – what a contrast with last November’s 353.5 mm. We even managed to avoid the deluge of the first of autumn/winter’s named storm “Angus”, which blasted just due South causing severe flooding in more southerly parts of Wales and dumped over 100 mm of rain in Exeter in just 48 hours.

sdim0105-2sdim0319-2sdim0028-2sdim0032-2sdim0083-2sdim0066-2sdim0036-2sdim0323-2sdim0320-2sdim0031-2sdim0245-2sdim0329-2sdim0221-2The PV inverter record for the month, was also much better than most Novembers, with so many dry and at least partly sunny days. I wonder what the next 3 months of winter will bring?