Garden Views-08-August 2016

The first week of August was warm, with a few wet days, but generally very cloudy. Temperatures then dropped a few degrees as the winds picked up and swung to the North…SDIM8450 (2)Mid month saw a welcome change with high temperatures, sunshine and another burst of manual haymaking. Gelli Uchaf had a Bioblitz visit in the early part of the month when the fields were surveyed for plants and animals. One of the findings being a quite rare plant- Lesser Bladderwort, found in our upper pond…SDIM8725 (2) The heaviest rainfall since late January fell overnight on 19th, and another brief pulse of hot weather developed on 23rd. The rain was much needed since some plants, like the masses of woodland Saxifrage fortunei, were starting to wilt.

So another changeable month, in which the late summer stalwarts – Hydrangeas and Clematis excelled for a second year under the lower light conditions this year…SDIM8463 (2) SDIM8465 (2) SDIM8470 (2) SDIM8474 (2) SDIM8477 (2) SDIM8479 (2) SDIM8488 (2) SDIM8492 (2) SDIM8498 (2) SDIM8500 (2) SDIM8504 (2) SDIM8508 (2) SDIM8519 (2) SDIM8522 (2) SDIM8524 (2) SDIM8532 (2)SDIM8648 (2)S1020007 (2)SDIM8683 (2)SDIM8709 (2)SDIM8715 (2)SDIM8721 (2)SDIM8694 (2)SDIM8734 (2)SDIM8614 (2)S1020002 (2)SDIM8541 (2)SDIM8727 (2)SDIM8688 (2)SDIM8702 (2)SDIM8696 (2)SDIM8707 (2)SDIM8699 (2) By the end of the month 111.6 mm of rain had fallen, but the PV record below shows very modest light levels for a summer month. Perhaps overall a quite benign month, with the unusual theme of quite warm, cloudy, but not very wet – a common theme for several months in 2016. So far!SDIM9004 (2)

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