Garden Views 04 April 2012

Misty morning in the Magic Terrace Garden. 3/04/12

After 4 years of tweaking, areas of the mossy copse garden are starting to fill in….Anemone nemorosa, A.blanda, Violets, Cyclamen hederifoilum, Tulipa tarda and London Pride amongst others. 3/04/12

Magic Terrace Garden 2/04/12

Easter egg hunt 6/04/12

Easter egg hunt in the mossy copse 6/04/12

A chance planting mix in the mossy copse, which we really like …Labradorean Violets, Anemone nemorosa and Chrysoplenium davidianum. Oh , and lots of moss! 5/04/12

Camellia ‘Waterlily’ and Skimmia japonica ‘Redruth’ which often seems to have flowers and vibrant red berries on the bush at the same time 4/04/12

A sharp frost produced very sad looking Tulipa ‘Flaming Purissima’, but being of a stern constitution, they had completely recovered by the next day. 7/04/12

Unknown Narcissi foreground, and N. ‘Thalia’ to rear. Magic Terrace Garden 7/04/12

This year the Amelanchier canadensis trees are blooming early in April. 8/04/12

One of our favourite later Narcissi. N.’Thalia’…. multiheaded, creamy white and a reliable good doer with us. 8/04/12

A planting mistake this year….. These N.’Thalia’ have been swamped by the lovely, but early flowering and vigorous White Honesty, Lunaria annua var. albiflora. Being biennial, it should be easy to correct this next year. 7/04/12

Species tulips in the mossy copse 13/04/12

Another view of the warmest part of the garden during the day in spring, a South facing slope, with Tulipa ‘Little Beauty’, T.whittallii, and T. ‘Peppermint Stick’, Pulsatilla vulgaris and Rhododendron racemosum      ‘Rock Rose’ 13/04/12

Terrace Tub with Tulipa ‘Sweetheart’ and Narcissus ‘Pipit’ 19/04/12

Mossy copse 11/04/12

Mossy Croquet Lawn and Amelanchier 11/04/12

Mossy Copse and Mushrooms…..11/04/12

Amphitheatre 13/04/12

Copse 19/04/12

Magic Terrace Garden 25/04/12

Heuchera, Aquilegia and Narcissus ‘Jenny’ , Amphitheatre 25/04/12

Copse 25/04/12

Fallen Tulip ‘Flaming Purissima’ petals and Mossy Saxifrage. Magic Terrace Garden 25/04/12

Fresh new leaves in the long house border 26/04/12

The first Meconopsis grandis flowers this year beneath the Cider Apple trees, earlier than ever before. 26/04/12

One of our most reliable Rhododendron cultivars. Always a mass of flowers. R.’Dora Amateis’ 26/04/12

At this time of the year we love the intermingling of Purple Bugle, Ajuga reptans, and London Pride, Saxigrage urbium. 26/04/12

Magic Terrace Garden 26/04/12

A new Dicentra for us this year, rescued from Diana’s old garden. We think it is D.’Bacchanal’, and we love its vigour and rich ruby flowers. 26/04/12

Our Garden at Gelli opens most of the year when we’re around, by appointment, for charity under the National Garden Scheme. Please see our website for contact details :

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