Garden Views-04-April 2021

April began with 4 glorious, sunny, if fairly chilly days, with almost no clouds in sight. A real delight. Even if the weather became progressively colder at night, with frosts on the second and third.   

I found no spawning brook lampreys this year on Good Friday, April 2nd, but that was more than compensated for by our first family visitors for many months, when our elder son and fiancee joined us for one of these days of glorious sunshine, Red kites galore in the cloudless sky, an evening UUNI pizza, breakfast and then hand dived scallops on the terrace for lunch.


Even if we were all wrapped up against the cold!

The honeybees at last had fair weather, with low winds to forage, both in the garden and increasingly from the pussy willows, Salix caprea, which had just begun to bloom in the valley below, and the aberration of an unprovoked attack and sting on the back of my head on the last day of March from a bee near the deep beds, was swiftly forgotten.

The Narcissi continued to excel as we moved into the mid season flowers, in what has bee3n their best ever year.

And the Camellias have also given us our best ever display, all these years after planting (15 years plus?), although they’ve once more confirmed to me, that they’re a plant breeder success story, not necessarily a really garden worthy plant group for our conditions, given the tendency of most, particularly the complex double forms, to turn brown at the slightest hint of frost. Still they do look fabulous as cut blooms in a bowl of water.