Garden Views-04-April 2014

What a difference from last year! A lovely April, one to remember in years to come, which apart from a weekend of intense rain early on has been largely dry, with quite a lot of sunshine. The daffodils, tulips and Camellias have all excelled this year, with the Rhododendrons poised to continue the flower displays heading towards the end of the month. Our much loved White Honesty has also put on a great display with many visiting honeybees towards the end of the month when the temperatures rose a little. Still not many really warm days as I write this on 23/04/2014, so emergence and flowering times are, I guess fairly average in spite of the very mild winter…

SDIM6656 (2)SDIM6660 (2)SDIM6651 (2)SDIM6753 (2)SDIM6735 (2)SDIM6659 (2)SDIM6755 (2)SDIM6750 (2)SDIM6804 (2)SDIM6727 (2)SDIM6824 (2)SDIM6802 (2)SDIM6906 (2)SDIM6891 (2)SDIM6912 (2)SDIM6799 (2)SDIM6927 (2)SDIM6823 (2)SDIM6818 (3)SDIM7176 (2)SDIM7224 (2)SDIM7012 (2)SDIM7219 (2)SDIM7104 (2)SDIM7193 (2)SDIM7118 (2)SDIM7237 (2)SDIM7116 (2)SDIM7039 (2)SDIM7227 (2)SDIM7024 (2)S1000009 (2)S1000084 (2)SDIM7020 (2)SDIM7215 (2)SDIM7205 (2)S1000111 (2) Rainfall total was 136.9 mm for the month.

Thanks for reading.


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