Harmonies Videos

This page provides links to what I hope will become a series of ‘Harmonies’ compilation videos, which I began making in 2022 to capture a little more of the magic of this place, and its immediate environment, through the seasons.

Triggered by the beginning of the tragic war in Ukraine, the motivation for this evolving project was to attempt to reflect how a rural environment and garden can inspire and allow time for peaceful contemplation, at the interface of human culture, ideas and the natural world.

A single day, March 5th 2022:

Middle to late March 2022:

Mid to late April 2022:

Late April to early May 2022:


A blustery day in the hay meadow mid-June 2022:

A single day in the hay meadow, mid-July 2022:

The garden in October 2022:

The garden comes alive in early February 2023:

About a week later, the scenes are already changing, in the golden period between Valentine and St. David’s days: