Garden Views 03 March 2012

Sunrise on the magic terrace garden 3/03/12

Amphitheatre in early March 2/03/12

First spring Camellia flower in 2012.C. 'Waterlily' 3/03/12


Mist and missed in the Magic Terrace Garden (and fast low flying blackbird!) 6/03/12

First Rhododendron flower of 2012. R.'Christmas Cheer' 8/03/12

Drift of Narcissus Tet a Tete , New Copse 8/03/12

The new view to the North revealed after the demise of the Norway Spruces . The mature Ash and Oak were previously hidden. 5/03/12

A great time for Hellebores. Amphitheatre 15/03/12

Hellebores, Pieris and Southerly views. Copse. 15/03/12

The best year yet for Pieris flowers, at their peak over the last 10 days 16/03/12

Magic Terrace Garden 16/03/12

Long Croquet border 15/03/12

Narcissus 'Jetfire' at their peak in mid March. Shrubbery. 16/03/12

Magic Terrace Garden and our most insect friendly daffodil. N.'Topolino' (foreground) 13/03/12

Making time to smell the daffodils on St.David's day. 01/03/12



A first for us in March was witnessing the spectacular courtship flight and tumbles of a pair of Red Kites over our heads as we enjoyed lunch outside on a glorious sunny warm day in the Magic Terrace Garden. 25/03/12



Keen to give new life to all of our tree stumps, Fiona made Salix sculpture No. 2 to add to an Ash stump in late March 27/03/12


Lovely March light and clouds looking East towards Esgairdawe 29/03/12


No Orange-tip butterflies in March this year but, unusually, several Peacock and Small Tortoiseshells seen, including 3 Peacocks feeding simultaneously from a large swathe of White Honesty flowers 25/03/12


The Magic Terrace garden in sunshine at the end of March. The 'Flaming Purissima' Tulips which we've tried elsewhere in the garden, and which have thrived and multiplied over 3 years, have been a great hit with us and garden visitors....most tulips quickly disappear in our wet climate, but this Tulipa fosteriana cultivar seems to like it.... I'm trying hand pollination to propagate it from seed even though this will be a long haul, since the huge colour variation between individual bought in bulbs from nearly pure white to strong pink/red patterning makes me wonder if this is how this tulip is produced anyway. Of course commercial bulb growers probably aren't too keen on this sort of reliable tulip - preferring us gardeners to shell out each year for new bulbs, to replace the ones which have died out! I'm afraid the fag of digging up and replanting tulips each year is not for us. Narcissus 'Geranium' in the foreground in tubs, and N. 'Jetfire' and N.'Thalia' to the rear.31/03/12


Our garden at Gelli opens for charity most of the year, when we’re around, by appointment under the National Garden Scheme.      Please see our website for contact details :

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