Heating a Greenhouse with Compost

I’ve been experimenting and writing about this idea now for about a couple of years. The concept has been tweaked with time and experience and so I thought it would be helpful to have all the posts easily accessible in one place, for anyone thinking about doing something similar. It’s quite interesting to see how my practice has changed from the prototype, and how the produce and contents of the greenhouse have changed with the warmer temperatures…SDIM3072 (2)

So I shall copy them all on drop down pages below this ‘Mother’ Page.

So to find them, return to the tomato header image at the very top of this page and hover the cursor over ‘Heating a Greenhouse With Compost’ until highlighted in blue …. the links to the posts will then appear below.

After 3 separate attempts to do this, I have still struggled with the formatting, so apologies for the smaller type for some of the posts .You can always follow the link at the start of each copied post to click back to the original larger type post.

Posted 10/05/2014

13 thoughts on “Heating a Greenhouse with Compost

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