Garden Views-09-September 2021

September began with another extended run of dry weather, at least the third we have enjoyed in 2021, which saw us battling on with major external redecoration and property repair works, alongside preparing for another pop up garden open weekend to coincide with the NGS promoted Great British Garden Party idea.

Two days of garden titivation were rewarded with a fabulous weekend when sunshine broke through the clouds, and we welcomed many delightful guests who were able to  enjoy Gelli Uchaf in the best possible light – warm, sunny and full of insect life.

Several of the Hydrangeas were looking better than ever, and even the wasps which I’d discovered nesting below ground just to the side of one section of path, behaved themselves.


We really enjoy these events and it’s so lovely when visitors go away relaxed and inspired by time spent in this special place.

The last uncut section of upper hay meadow bank, rich in many seed heads was cut was cut and spread as green hay around the field on September 8th, just before the first rain for over 2 weeks, fell. Beneath this tall drying herbage, many waxcap mushrooms had already appeared, in spite of the extremely dry conditions. At last after a day of 28 degrees C on the 7th, some cloud returned, and sunrises more typical of the beginning of autumn.