Garden Views 05 May 2012

A new colour variant from home saved seed this year is this purple-blue form of Meconopsis grandis. 3/05/12.

This year’s spring now seems to be about 2 weeks later than last year when judged by many common plant’s flowering times. The lovely yellow Welsh Poppy, Meconopsis cambrica growing amongst cobbles outside one of our barn doors. 2/05/12

The tulips in the Magic Terrace garden are over as the mossy saxifrage and bugle take over. 2/05/12

Which flower do I visit next? Bumblebee and Purple Bugle in the copse 2/05/12

Copse 2/05/12

A rare example of reliably synchronised flowering times. Clematis macropetala ‘Markham’s Pink’ winding up through native Wild Cherry.2/05/12

At last at the bottom of the copse on the warmer slope lots more flowers are opening.2/05/12

I love the unusual colour mix in these saved seed Aquilegia vulgaris flowers. Will they retain their charm and lack of spurs as the flowers develop? 2/05/12

More buds breaking in the mossy copse  in a rare bit of sunshine 2/05/12

And the hour of sunshine drenched images above didn’t just bring out the garden photographer. A huge diversity of insects seized this brief warm interlude to hit the flowers… this is an unusual wasp on the flower of a Euphorbia amygdaloides. 2/05/12

Meconopsis grandis and Primula beesiana under the Cider apple trees. 12/05/12


Purple Cobnut and Viburnum carlesii. Meadow copse 12/05/12

Lower Copse 12/05/12

Early morning sunshine 26/05/12

Magic Terrace Garden 27/05/12

Morning Light, Copse 26/05/12

Magic Terrace Garden 26/05/12

Copse 22/05/12

Germander Speedwell and Bugle. Copse 22/05/12

Storrws bed. 22/05/12

Rhododendron ‘Surrey Heath’ 25/05/12

Rhododendron ‘Golden Torch’ 24/05/12

Tabletop, dewy snails. Magic terrace Garden 22/05/12

Our garden at Gelli opens most of the year when we’re around by appointment for charity for the National Garden Scheme. Please see our website for contact details

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