Silent Space

In 2023 we decided to create a specific Silent Space in the garden for any visitors, and indeed ourselves.

Our garden is rural and usually a quiet and peaceful place, with only small numbers of visitors annually. The idea of dedicating a specific area for making time to just sit, listen and observe for a few minutes at a time, came to us after we’d spent time sitting quietly in the Silent Space at Hidcote gardens in late 2022.

After more thought and discussion with Liz Ware, the founder and guiding light of the charity Silent Space, and discussing the idea with a few friends and relatives, we aim to focus on two existing seating areas in the garden to create our Silent Space, which we’ll highlight with a small blackboard.

These areas will be either the muse stone seat beneath our old oak tree behind the main barn, above. Or in wetter conditions, the shepherd’s hut at the top of our upper wildflower hay meadow. Click here for more photos of views from the hut.

The hope is that some of our visitors may take time to sit down, stop talking, and temporarily turn off their phones and cameras. Just to take a few moments to quietly look and listen to the sights and sounds around you. You may also choose to interact with our Thought Box, should you wish.

We’ll also ask any other visitors in this part of the garden at the time to be mindful of anyone enjoying such a moment of silence and reflection.

Of course you don’t have to stop and do this, but as you can see on this page of the  Silent Space website, many visitors to gardens with Silent Spaces seem to value this  encouragement to pause and reflect in a quiet environment with no distractions. A rare opportunity in our often frantic lives.

For more information about visiting the garden at Gelli Uchaf, please click here.