Garden Views-05-May 2020

May 2020 will be remembered as another wonderful spring month, coming after the third sunniest April ever recorded in Wales. However we did see a little grey weather and rain which was really welcome over the first three days, but coming on days which still had wonderful breaks in cloud cover, and special light.

With much sunny weather, generally light winds, and very little rain, controlled watering of main bulb areas in the terrace, pots, tubs and the tyre and vegetable area have been twice a day features of life, for many weeks now.

But early May is always a time when the garden changes daily, so no excuses for huge numbers of pictures to illustrate the progression in this very special year.


Friday 8th saw a rare, brief and slow moving thunderstorm with continuous thunder rumbles, but little lightning and sadly little rain, followed by the hottest day of the year, with temperatures near 20 deg. C. Finding a lot of bees fanning at the butter churn hive entrance, I removed the entrance restriction which has been on most of this year, only to have temperatures plunge the following day when the winds picked up and swung to the North and East. But the bees seem remarkably resilient…

These conditions continued for a few days, with more glorious sunshine, but biting winds and a frost to minus 3 on the night of the 11th/12th which caused significant damage to tender plants in spite of protection, followed by frosts on the following 3 nights.. In spite of some protection of tender vegetables, minus 3 clobbered many tender plants…

Much time has been spent over the last 7 weeks of lockdown, in making video recordings with the aim of making another film, 10 years on from “Epiphany in Translation”, to record the exceptional soundscape of the garden and landscape during this uniquely quiet period.