Garden Moths – Diary 06 June

L Poplar Hawkmoth (2)

The images below of moths and butterflies found in June, are reproduced from the diary section of our DVD-ROM released in November 2008. Titled ” In A Different Light -A Garden’s Moths and Butterflies – A Photographic Diary”, all the images are copyrighted to us. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD-ROM, including a separate CD of the Dawn Chorus in our Garden for £10 plus P&P. There is much more information, and the images are of a much higher quality than the ones uploaded to the blog, on the DVD-ROM. There is additional information and reviews of the DVD-ROM on the Garden Moths ‘parent’ page, at the top of the home page.

The moths and butterflies are arranged in 4 size groupings – Large, Medium, Small, Tiny in each month, and the landscape, flower and ‘Moth Art’ images indicate a change of size category:

01f Mehefin - June 06 mm L aa 6Hydrangea L AAZ6 L Angle Shades L Barred Umber L Blood-vein L Brimstone Moth L Buff-tip (head) L Buff-tip L Clouded Magpie L Clouded-bordered Brindle L Common Blue (B- Male) L Common Blue (B) L Common Blue (B-Female) L Common Wave L Common White Wave L Dark Arches L Dark Brocade L Double Dart L Double Line L Double Square-spot L Drinker ( Female ) L Drinker ( Male ) L Elephant Hawkmoth L Engrailed 2 L Engrailed L Eyed Hawkmoth 2 L Eyed Hawkmoth 3 L Eyed Hawkmoth L Fox Moth (F) L Garden Tiger L Ghost Moth ( female ) L Green Arches L Green-veined White (B) 2 L Green-veined White (B) L Grey Arches L Hummingbird Hawkmoth L Large White (B) L Large Yellow Underwing L Lesser Swallow Prominent L Light Emerald L Light Knot Grass L Lobster Moth L Marbled Brown L Marsh Fritillary (B) L Meadow Brown (B Female ) L Meadow Brown (B Male 2) L Meadow Brown (B Male) L Mottled Beauty 2 L Mottled Beauty 3 L Mottled Beauty 4 L Mottled Beauty L Painted Lady (B) L Pale Prominent 2 L Pale Prominent L Pale Tussock (F) L Pale Tussock (M) (2) L Pale Tussock (M) L Pale-shouldered Brocade L Pebble Prominent L Peppered Moth L Poplar Grey L Poplar Hawkmoth (2) L Poplar Hawkmoth L Purple Clay L Puss Moth L Ringlet ( B- mating ) L Ringlet (B) 2 L Ringlet (B) L Scalloped Hazel L Scarlet Tiger - 2 L Scarlet Tiger L Setaceous Hebrew Character L Shark L Small Elephant Hawkmoth L Striped Hawkmoth L Triple-spotted Clay L Turnip Moth L Wall Brown (B) 2 L Wall Brown (B) L Willow Beauty M aa 6Astilbe M aa A6haymeadow M aaZ6 M Alder Moth M Balsam Carpet M Barred Red ( Male ) M Beautiful Carpet M Beautiful Golden Y M Beautiful Snout (Female) M Beautiful Snout (Male) M Blomer's Rivulet M Bordered White M Bright-line Brown-eye M Broken-barred Carpet M Broom Moth M Brown Rustic M Brown Silver-line M Brussels Lace M Buff Arches M Buff Ermine 2 M Buff Ermine M Burnet Companion M Campion M Cinnabar M Clouded Border M Clouded Silver M Common Carpet M Common Heath (F) M Common Heath (M) M Common Lutestring M Common Marbled Carpet M Common Swift M Coronet 2 M Coronet(3) M Coronet M Coxcomb Prominent M Devon Carpet M Dot Moth M Dusky Brocade M Figure of Eighty M Five-spot Burnet 2) M Five-spot Burnet M Flame Carpet M Flame Shoulder M Forester (2) M Forester M Four-dotted Footman M Galium Carpet M Garden Carpet M Gold Spot M Gold Swift (F) M Gold Swift (M) M Green Carpet M Green Silver-lines M Grey Dagger M Heart and Dart M Hebrew Character M Ingrailed Clay 2 M Ingrailed Clay 4 M Ingrailed Clay (3) M Ingrailed Clay M Iron Prominent M July Belle M Knot Grass M Large Skipper (B) 2 M Large Skipper (B) M Lead Belle M Little Emerald M Lychnis M Map-winged Swift M Marbled White Spot M May Highflyer M Miller M Northern Spinach M Nut-tree Tussock M Oblique Carpet M Orange Tip (B F) (2) M Orange Tip (B F) M Orange Tip (B M) (2) M Orange Tip (B M) M Peach Blossom M Pebble Hook-tip M Purple Bar M Red-necked Footman M Riband Wave 2 M Riband Wave M Ruby Tiger (take off) M Ruby Tiger M Rustic M Sallow Kitten M Scalloped Hook-tip M Scorched Carpet M Scorched Wing M Sharp-angled Peacock M Shears M Silver Y M Silver-ground Carpet M Six-spot Burnet 2 M Six-spot Burnet M Small Angle Shades M Small Argent & Sable M Small Copper (B) M Small Fan-footed Wave M Small Heath (B) M Small Mottled Willow M Small Phoenix M Small Skipper ( B Male) M Small Skipper (B) M Small Square-spot 2 M Small Square-spot M Snout M Spectacle (anterior) M Spectacle M Spruce Carpet M Striped Wainscot M Tawny-barred Angle M The Flame M Treble Lines M True Lover's Knot M Water Carpet M Waved Carpet M Welsh Wave M White Ermine M White-pinion Spotted M Yellow Shell 2 (2) M Yellow Shell S aa 6rosa S aa A6rainbow S aaZ6 S Bee Moth (micro) 2 S Bee Moth (micro) S Brown China-mark (micro) S Brown House Moth (micro) S Celypha lacunana S Chinese Character S Chrysoteuchia culmella (2) S Chrysoteuchia culmella S Common Pug S Crambus lathoniellus S Crambus pascuella S Dingy Shell S Epiblema cynosbatella S Epiblema scutulana (2) S Epiblema scutulana S Foxglove pug S Garden Pebble (micro) (2) S Garden Pebble (micro) S Green Oak Roller (micro) S Green Pug S Larch Pug S Least Black Arches S Marbled Minor S Middle-barred Minor 2 S Middle-Barred Minor S Mottled Pug (2) S Mottled Pug S Pandemis cerasana S Pandemis cinnamomeana S Rufous Minor (2) S Rufous Minor S Rush Veneer (micro) S Scoparia ambigualis (2) S Scoparia ambigualis S Scoparia pyralella S Small Dotted Buff S Small Fan-foot S Small Magpie (micro) S Small Seraphim S Small White Wave S Small Yellow Wave S Straw Dot S Twenty-plume Moth (micro) S Udea olivalis S V - Pug T aa 6foxglove T aa A6oak T aaZ6 T Aethes cnicana 2 T Aethes cnicana T Aethes rubigana 2 T Aethes rubigana T Bactra lancealana T Bryotropha terrella (probable) T Capua vulgana T Cnephasia asseclana T Cnephasia stephensiana T Coleophorid spp 2 T Coleophorid spp T Cydia succedana T Diamond-backed Moth (micro) T Elachista argentella T Epiblema trimaculana T Epiblema uddmanniana T Epinotia tedella (2) T Epinotia tedella T Eulia ministrana T Eupoecilia angustana form fasciella T Gelechid spp T Genus - Coleophorid 2 T Genus - Coleophorid T Glyphipterix forsterella T Glyphipterix thrasonella (2) T Glyphipterix thrasonella T Hedya nubiferana T Incurvaria oehlmanniella T Marasmarcha lunaedactyla T Micropoterix calthella T Mompha locupletella T Nemapogon  cloacella T Nemophora degeerella T Nettle-tap Moth (micro) T Orthotaenia undulana T Pempeliella dilutella T Pseudargyrotoza conwagana 2 T Pseudargyrotoza conwagana (2) T Syndemis musculana T Tinea trinotella T White-shouldered House Moth (micro) zz 6saxifrage zz Sir Gar Sunset zzzjun

… Posted 1/03/2013…

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