Gelli Uchaf Plant Palette – Late January

Below is the list of our favourite plants in the garden in the second half of January 2017. The idea of recording a dozen favourite plants in the garden every fortnight, came to me in mid 2016, so the whole year won’t be completed until around May 2017. I don’t tend to repeat plants that have featured in the previous fortnight, so it’s an attempt to show how there is always something new in the garden to tempt us out, whatever the weather. In late January many of December’s stalwarts are even better now, like early snowdrops and Cyclamen coum, so do have a look at the last 3 Plant Palettes. But there are now waves of new flowers appearing quite regularly. Spring is on its way. Well at least that’s what all this new activity is telling us. And the nadir of late November when flowers are few and far between seems a very long time ago.

1 : Crocus sieberi “Firefly”. Nearly always the first Crocus to flower in the garden. On January 8 th in 2017, but it’s really by the end of the month that they have more impact.p1020058-2p1040851-2

2: Hamamelis ” Aphrodite”

3: Galanthus “Cedric’s Prolific”p1040429-2p1040692-2

4: Hedera helix Our native Ivy.p1020117-2p1020526-2

5: Galanthus nivalis local Welsh form PYB.p1040366-2

6: Hamamelis “Orange Dream”p1040385-2p1050967-2

7: Calluna vulgaris “Wickwar Flame”p1030011-2p1030015-2

8: Galanthus “John Long”p1040425-2p1050312-3

9: Narcissus “Rjinveld’s Early Sensation”p1030686-2p1050899-2

10: Podocarpus lawrencei “Blue Gem”p1020675-2p1020685-2

11: Galanthus “Galatea”p1030704-2p1050325-2

12: Erica carnea “Springwood White”p1040389-2p1040388-2