Garden Views 08 August 2012

… Hazy views to the South, Magic Terrace Garden….

…. early morning light, Mossy Croquet Lawn….

…. Clematis ‘Blue Angel’ and Black Elder, Amphitheatre….

….Heading into Orb web season, Magic Terrace Garden…..

….Mid August and warm weather at last induces a few butterflies to emerge from their pupae…

….7 pm mid August light and clouds due South East….

…it’s been a great year for moss, and all things green. So the Mossy Mushrooms are starting to show a bit more potential to progress beyond looking like camouflaged helmets, Upper Copse….

….. Hydrangeas and in the background, Rose ‘American Pillar’, Mossy Croquet Lawn….

…. Allium sphaerocephalon in their first year here have been hugely popular with our local insects….

….Cranes and Sidalceas, Magic Terrace Garden….

….. The last of 4 seedlings from Rose ‘High Hopes’ to germinate and flower in 2012…..

….. Opium Poppy, (J and I), and buzzing Bumblebee….

….Eryngium alpinum and Red Admiral…..

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Our garden at Gelli opens most of the year, when we’re around, by appointment, for charity under the National Garden Scheme. Please see our website for contact details:

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