Cometh the Hour; Visitors and Visits; Pond Life and Death


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As February lurches violently beyond dangerous Doris (storm number four of this year’s named sequence) and onwards towards St. David’s day, there have been two recent fleeting occasions when the sun has shone and the temperatures risen. And in our … Continue reading

New Life, New Tricks; Freeze Dried Mushrooms; A Symphony of Snowdrops.


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Winter will return next week, but for now we bask in the after glow of 3 dry WEEKS, and much new life bursting onto the scene. The frogs have dodged or diced with death via the heron, otters, and last … Continue reading

Wind and Weather Flips, Spiral Conundrums and Imbolc Fibonacci Issues


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So the “Beast from the East” has swept in after all. The initial derision on Radio 4 of newspaper reports of a Siberian blast approaching at least alerted us to the risks of proper wintry weather, which has hit Gelli in a very … Continue reading