As Good as it Gets, and Good Timing; Daffodils; Dippers in the Valley Of Flowers.


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A day after the novelty of waking with the bedroom suffused with golden light, I hit the keys under grey gloom first thing. Lowering mists, a full rain gauge, and the still cold saturated ground, struggling to recover from yesterday’s … Continue reading

Cometh the Hour; Visitors and Visits; Pond Life and Death


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As February lurches violently beyond dangerous Doris (storm number four of this year’s named sequence) and onwards towards St. David’s day, there have been two recent fleeting occasions when the sun has shone and the temperatures risen. And in our … Continue reading

New Year, New Week, New Buzz


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The first week of January. What a week for being outside! Pardon? Yes, really. Although no spectacular sunrises and the weather has oscillated, as usual, from minus 8 frosts with feathered, blue-from-cold, greenhouse windows, and the first ice spike of … Continue reading

Red, Green, Gold, Black, and Whiteness – Christmas Colours? Seasonal Shearing, Silk Snipping and Seamstressing; Knockout


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We’d had the expected call earlier in the week, so everything was organised for the Saturday. A necessary advent calendar event, impinging on the usual pre-Christmas rush, such as exists even in these rural parts. Doors opened and closed. A … Continue reading

Meadowed Out and Good Hair Days; Kapoored Constructions – Anished Arachnids.


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At last a rain soaked scene keeps me indoors and tempts me to the relief of the keyboard. The rakes hang stiff on the old smithy wall. The pitchforks lean straight, tip toed on sharp pronged steel, and achy muscles … Continue reading

Sensational Sunday – Sunny Monday; Anniversary Ants; and The Fastest Moving Plant in The West.


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Sensational Sunday completely passed us by in a blur of forks and rakes. For the fifth and last time this year, I opened the back door to the smell of half dried hay this week. A wonderful scent to be … Continue reading

National Meadows Day; Well, Wells, Wales; Big Bag Bottle Bank Update, and Gelli Uchaf Plant Palettes (Late June, Early July)


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Never mind “What a Week!” (My previous post). What a fortnight! However I shall ignore the May supershuffle, Wales’ eventual glorious departure from Euro 2016, Corbyn’s challengers, Farrarge’s farewell, Murray’s Wimbledon, the Nice atrocity, and Turkish coup, since I’m completely … Continue reading

What A Week!


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What a week! Or perhaps 10 days. The personal, everyday, seasonal. Interwoven with unique moments of (inter)national and historic gravitas, prompts this very brief post’s personal jottings, before the memories fade. _____________ A Rural View Sheep shorn. Votes Cast. Counting … Continue reading

Moments In Time and Birthday Bonuses ; Gelli Plant Palette (2); Hay Meadow Sightings.


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Well over 20 years ago we needed to chat with Dad about a longstanding family issue, and since my birthday was approaching, arranged to meet him in the gardens of Sheldon Manor, outside Chippenham. At that time the garden was … Continue reading

Sunshine and Surprise Visitors; Gelli’s Plant Palette – the First Dozen


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A fabulous week of warm sunny weather here has straddled the passage from spring to summer, May to June. Quite different to the 43 mm of rain in 24 hours with which last June began,  or indeed the torrential rain … Continue reading

Here comes the Sun; Breaking Waves; A Whole Life


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Recurring themes are the lot of this plodding blogger, who tries to make sense of the goings on in the world around him, as events crash in to disturb the daily routines of life. And so amidst another run of … Continue reading

Surprise Arrival; Designs and St.David’s; Betony, Valerian and the Pied Piper


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Like much of the UK, this part of West Wales had a July of huge extremes – the hottest day of the year at the start of the month, then a steady decline to one of the coldest July nights … Continue reading

Timing and Name Changes; Longevity Hill and Pelotons; and Hair Pencils, Love Dust and Sex Brands.


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Here’s a number sequence. 1.5,0,1.5,0,6.5,16,11,2,0,4,8,3,8,8,0,4, 0.5,5,0,3,1 What does it signify? Well simply the daily rainfall totals in mm for July so far. Nothing too dramatic, and whilst there’s relief that watering is no longer needed for outside vegetable growth, which … Continue reading

Butterfly Bonanza – Jizz, Flibutting, and Etymology; Growing Tomatoes Organically – Update; Roast Apricots with Amaretti, Vanilla, Lemon and Brandy.


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Recurring themes. Seasonality of thoughts and observation run though a blog like this with inevitable reassuring familiarity. But there are always novelties and new discoveries. Searching for a post I knew I’d written on ‘entomolgical explosions’, I discovered it was … Continue reading

Events, Events, Events:- Wales Wildflower Day; Jane’s Open Garden Party; and Noel Kingsbury Workshop at Gelli Uchaf Garden


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A rare plug on the blog for 3 special events. Firstly a brief mention that next Sunday, June 28th, at the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW), the third annual Wales Wildflower day will be hosted. By way of a sneak … Continue reading