A Platinum Cuckoo Serenade for the Queen


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This year we waited ages to hear our first Cuckoo. I’d nearly given up and then in late May we heard one occasionally, but always very distant. Was this the beginning of the end for them locally? Then on a … Continue reading

Early June in the Garden


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This short compilation was stitched together in a hurry, to coincide with our talk on June 17th on Noel Kingsbury and Annie Guilfoyle’s Garden Masterclass Thursday teatime chat at 6 pm. The limitations of Zoom means sharing videos clips on … Continue reading

Time To Prove; Frosty Formatting; Worth the Wait


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Little did I think, as I worked in early April writing words for “This Glorious Spring”, that began with these three lines: In this most glorious spring, our cruel Gods with cunning irony, And perfect twenty twenty vision, hung out … Continue reading

Distraction: Of Mice and Bees and Salmon.


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Though not necessarily in that order.Locked into the combination of rain, frequently grey skies, and the lethargy that comes with insufficient light waves winging their way towards my retinas, comes the added torpor induced by the recent media coverage of … Continue reading

Pop Up Garden Opening – Sunday August 18th; Vegetable Ideas; Floral Meadows.


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Autumn has arrived here early, in the last 48 hours. Rain. Gales. Home fires. Even if the air is still warm. After what must rank as one of the best summers we can recall here, life can calm down a … Continue reading

Shed of the Year 2019 and the Dunbar Number; Bees are Back; Jewelled Insects.


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In a blatant bit of promotional activity, I’m asking any readers of this post to support “The Hut” in a public vote to find the Cuprinol Shed of The Year 2019. Having decided to enter “The Hut” into this annual … Continue reading

Early Arrivals and Departure Times; Starry Days; Not Weeds and Insects.


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This week the valley roared, the birch bowed.The daisies danced.And the lashed larch littered mossy paths, with twiggy lichened debris. Storm Ophelia’s much heralded arrival lived up to expectations. Potentially movable detritus was tidied, travel plans for Monday were cancelled, … Continue reading

All of a Flutter, Flap, and Buzz – Vanessa, Cynthia, Poly and David; Lining up, and Tripping Out.


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August 5th saw us pass the annual ‘Welsh fifteen moment’, when more than 15 butterflies simultaneously appear around our multiple Buddleja davidii bushes. B. davidii is named after the Basque missionary and explorer in China, Father Armand David. As happened … Continue reading

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even; Bilingual Profanity; Untangling and Releasing the White Dragon; Fish and Chips and Frogs.


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It’s been one of those spells since the last blog, when the rain has held off, the days have lengthened, and the blog takes back seat to all the other tasks and events going on. One of the major outdoor jobs … Continue reading