Pitching, Rolling, Yawing and Probing – Humming Buddlejas, and Ripping Badgers


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It seems a long time ago, but we did briefly achieve our annual Welsh fifteen moment in the garden this year, when more than fifteen butterflies, of the usual 3 suspect species – Red admiral, Vanessa atalanta, Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais … Continue reading

Flipping Hydrangeas; Battling Bumbles and Jewelled Wasps; and Bonus Butterflies.


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A fortnight for personal, novel observations. So what’s new? There’s always something different to spot without leaving the home plot. We grew few Hydrangeas before we moved to Gelli Uchaf, though we did bring with us a cutting of H. … Continue reading

All of a Flutter, Flap, and Buzz – Vanessa, Cynthia, Poly and David; Lining up, and Tripping Out.


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August 5th saw us pass the annual ‘Welsh fifteen moment’, when more than 15 butterflies simultaneously appear around our multiple Buddleja davidii bushes. B. davidii is named after the Basque missionary and explorer in China, Father Armand David. As happened … Continue reading