Pitching, Rolling, Yawing and Probing – Humming Buddlejas, and Ripping Badgers


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It seems a long time ago, but we did briefly achieve our annual Welsh fifteen moment in the garden this year, when more than fifteen butterflies, of the usual 3 suspect species – Red admiral, Vanessa atalanta, Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais … Continue reading

Whether or Wither the Weather; Coiling, Uncoiling, Sucking and Leverage.


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July and August 2015 will be remembered as very poor summer months in this part of the world, with some rain on the majority of days, generally low light levels, cool temperatures and very few, still days. But we had … Continue reading

Links and Visits; Hums, Drifts, Rattles, Hangings and Seasons


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After recent comments following a previous post, how do I rattle through the multitude of topics I intend to cover without seeming even more incoherent than usual? The link HAS to be synchronicity. Click here for a brief resume. John, … Continue reading