Waiting on the Weather; Re-visits; Twelfth Night Snowdrops.


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2023 for us began splendidly – house guests again, at last, over at least some of the twelve nights of Christmas. Conversation, reminiscing, walks, special food, and some favourite films including a much-anticipated second watch of Stephen Macrae and Sarah … Continue reading

Moving on; Muse Stone.


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It had to happen. 2 weeks of wonderful freezing cold, but largely dry weather ended and the last 10 days have seen mild temperatures, wind, and winter rains return. Along with the added disappointment of a cancelled family visit, due … Continue reading

Attention Spans; Stung Into Action; The Catch; Escapes.


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Will you read to the end? Who is this really for? You or me? Do I know? Do I care? A selection of short sentences to begin, since I’ve been thinking about attention spans of late. Probably prompted by my … Continue reading

The Early Worm Shoots the Bird; Granted Wishes; January and Inconvenient Curiosity.


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I shall forever remember the recent wolf moon. I’ve certainly seen one before, though without knowing that the full moon in January was given this, and several other monikers centuries ago, at least in the U.S.A., by native American tribes. … Continue reading



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No fanfare greets your late return, No chattered dipped inflections, No yearned for sunny silhouettes. No, November’s solitary influx Seeps, a secret spreading stain. A million marvel migrants fled. The chilling landscape, flushed you Fast, by night. Alone. And tracked … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beholder; Let there be Light; Marvel, and Vespine Circular Economy


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Three questions to begin. Do you like the header image, which is completely untweaked? It’s exactly as it came out of the camera’s flash card. Secondly do you prefer it this way up? And finally, and really the most interesting, … Continue reading

Fog and Frost; Ripples and An Immaterial Rhapsody; Anyone for (fungi hunting) Croquet?


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At last, November 2nd, a dense grey scene greeted me as I drew the upstairs bedroom curtains. But not without hope, as it had the faintest hint of colour seeping through, due East. As always, the next job in my … Continue reading

Pride ‘n Fall(s); Clouds; Rips; COP 26


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Let’s get the plurality of falls out of the way. I’m stretching the meaning to include what we still seem to call autumn, on this side of the pond, though fall is an appropriate term on a day like today … Continue reading

Images and Words, Entangled Life, Pop Up Opening in Early September, Perseids


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My last post was rushed out before a frantic but delightful weekend, when our son’s family and 6 grandchildren descended, overlapping with a pre-planned NGS pop-up weekend. This was promoted as part of a BBC Radio 2 event, “The Big … Continue reading

Under the Weather; The Iron Mouse Mystery; Winter Bees; Conundra.


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The weather has continued to be a dominant factor in life here over the last 4 weeks. Culminating this last week in what I can only describe as brutal conditions for several days. However, to rewind, named storm Christoff, battered … Continue reading

Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast


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What a strange Christmas this year. No physical visitors, but a wonderful, across the globe, multifamily, multigenerational, even multi continent, ZOOM call. In Wales, a recent apparent surge in Covid case numbers, the discovery of a new “mutant” and “more … Continue reading

Masts; Memories; Dust to Flesh.


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I can’t recall a year like this. Never mind the “pandemic”, I’m referring to our lovely Oak tree, draped over the barn roof. (The valleys though, aren’t singing. Locked down again, for 17 days from Friday. So listen instead to … Continue reading

Life in the Slow Stream; Sally and Harry; This Glorious Spring; A Virtual Garden Tour


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With apologies to The Eagles, “Life in the slow stream, Surely gonna ease your soul” seems a suitable line to begin a post typically full of the observations that always happen down here when the weather is wonderful. And DRY! … Continue reading

Seaweed; Germination; Kissed alone by Gods


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Monday March 16th dawned clear, cold with a light frost, and sunny for a good couple of hours. Thrushes were serenading, small feathers drifted across the yard, as house sparrows and wagtails built nests. By 9.30 honeybees were visiting the … Continue reading

Wales Fungus Day, Endozoochory and Halloween Tongues


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A fortnight ago, we headed down to the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW) for their annual Wales Fungus day event. In spite of a poor forecast, as always there were several interesting talks and events laid on, including their … Continue reading



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      September Today I yearn serenity.   And on this first morn, Shorn of politics and prorogation, September smiles.   Struggling through horizoned clouds, A window opens; golden light floods Distant Pumsaint’s rich veined coum.   The hidden … Continue reading

Halcyon Days; Swallows; Roll your Own; Under Attack.


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What halcyon days, the August 2019 bank holiday weekend. A record breaker for temperatures across the UK, and here too with heat and wall to wall sunshine. Yet what of the origin of “halcyon days”? You have to return to … Continue reading

Guerillas; Words; Hatch; Meadow Magic; Robbing; Tick, Tock.


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Just in time for a bit of planned guerilla planting, or more accurately sowing, our eldest son and fiancée arrived at the end of the first week in June. Following the wettest day in 3 months, a quick trawl beneath … Continue reading

Easter: Aggression, Lunarcy, Bullhead, Hornet, Nomad, Butterfly Bonanza and Grandchildren.


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Was it the full moon? Or the sudden warming in temperatures last week? Or impending Easter – which won’t fall this late in April again until 2030? Or the threat of predators? At that stage unseen.We’ll never know, but after … Continue reading

Ffloss; Well Choughed; Kestrel; Snakeshead; Seedlings.


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Seizing the moment on a currently rare March morning, forecast to be dry and sunny after much rain, cloud and wind during the first fortnight of this highly variable month, Fiona had plotted a circular route centred around the coastal … Continue reading

Could do Better; Recomposing; Without Love; Flowers and Insects.


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It’s only mid January, and already I’m thinking about next year’s bulb order. Significant numbers of larger bulbs aren’t going to be on it, maybe just a few Narcissus ‘Rjinveld’s Early Sensation’ but certainly lots more of those smaller gems which … Continue reading

Pictures or Words: Just Another Day.


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Pictures?   Or Words?   Another Day   Saturday morning, before Today begins. Warm, still, silent. Up here. Crow crudely cracks the soundscape open. Beetles blurrrr West. Blushing pink flushes swiftly gold. And valleys haze. So calm, so calm.   … Continue reading

Colours; Mosquito Hawks; Dandelions and Trust.


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Naked ladies, Devil’s paintbrush, Brimstone, Mosquito hawks, Hordes of toads, Erupting craneflies, Dandelion diversity. The list of interesting observations here in the last 10 days has certainly kept my eyes wide open, and my shutter finger twitchy. But I’ll begin … Continue reading

Scream; Lamb Whispering; Aphrodisiac Orchids; Painting with Narcissi; Deliverance.


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This week, the evening after we’d decided we could relax and leave our last single lambs outside for the night, I had my usual pre-bathtime use of the watering can outside the back door. The lambs have done very well … Continue reading

Survival, Tracking, Sniper; Redemption Rain.


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Survival is a common thread here. Trivially, WordPress have just reminded me that I’ve now been writing, and photographing for these posts, for 7 years. I’ve survived for that long. This surprised me – that on one level I’m still … Continue reading

Eruption Week.


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Eruption   Long before the golden blue-grey Tints hint breaking skies, and Sun, once more. Howling Easterlies rake the facing slopes. With poached mud, frozen. Hard. Some time before the landing Creyr, wings folded in, Took patient station on the … Continue reading

A Welcome Wind; Beyond Blue Monday; Familiar Haunts; Surprise Treasures.


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The New Year began with snowdrops aplenty, but as I mentioned last time, no warmth for them to spread their petals wide, so a selection was brought inside for a New Year’s Day lunch, along with some snipped Daphne bholua … Continue reading

Ripening, Falling, Dropping, Melzing; Shuttlecocks and Sowbreads; Ty Unnos, Rebecca and Dylan.


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How much energy is needed to melt a cubic metre of snow? This question popped into my mind after our previous heavy snowfall here, and whether we’d even manage to escape down our track, and make it to our Christmas … Continue reading

June Jewels; Summer Spate; Crocus Clubs and Cuckoo Spit


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Life has exploded this June. It probably happens every June, but maybe weather conditions have concentrated the process this year. And when I say life, I really mean the invertebrates which share our garden and meadows with us. I get … Continue reading

Abscission – Cutting Loose, Breaking Free.


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A definition. In the early C17th, a century before the masons raised the mauve rubblestone walls of St.Edith’s, a wordsmith merged the Latin Ab (off), with Scindere (to cut), to create abscindere, or abscissio, and thence today’s abscission. An action noun, meaning a … Continue reading

What a Week!


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What a week! Or perhaps 10 days. The personal, everyday, seasonal. Interwoven with unique moments of (inter)national and historic gravitas, prompts this very brief post’s personal jottings, before the memories fade. _____________ A Rural View Sheep shorn. Votes cast. Counting … Continue reading

Welsh Hill Country RIP Rap Riddle


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Perhaps before dawn, As slow warm neck caressing fingers work, Will frost thaw, and words flow, to catch the scene, Too far away to see? Perhaps my wizard’s cloak of birth, absurdly Grey, then fading white, and straddling ancient distant … Continue reading

As Dull as Ditch Water.


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Our recently revealed, wet meadow’s old ditches. Leached out, decades old, decayed detritus. Memories of previous existence. Dusts rainbowed over muddy sludge. Reincarnate, with recent rain. Colours bleed. Animation returns. Dull? As Ditch Water? Death, Or Life?