June Jewels; Summer Spate; Crocus Clubs and Cuckoo Spit


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Life has exploded this June. It probably happens every June, but maybe weather conditions have concentrated the process this year. And when I say life I really mean the invertebrates which share our garden and meadows. I get used to … Continue reading

Abscission – Cutting Loose, Breaking Free.


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A definition. In the early C17th, a century before the masons raised the mauve rubblestone walls of St.Edith’s, a wordsmith merged the Latin Ab (off) with Scindere (to cut), to create abscindere, or abscissio, and thence today’s abscission. An action noun meaning … Continue reading

What A Week!


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What a week! Or perhaps 10 days. The personal, everyday, seasonal. Interwoven with unique moments of (inter)national and historic gravitas, prompts this very brief post’s personal jottings, before the memories fade. _____________ A Rural View Sheep shorn. Votes Cast. Counting … Continue reading

Welsh Hill Country RIP Rap Riddle


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Perhaps before dawn, as warm neck caressing fingers work, will frost thaw, and words flow, to catch the scene, too far away to see? Perhaps my absurd wizard’s cloak of birth, first grey, then white, straddling the dyke, means I’m … Continue reading

As Dull as Ditch Water.


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Our recently revealed, wet meadow’s old ditches… Leached out, decades old, decayed detritus. Memories of previous existence. Dusts rainbowed over muddy sludge. Reincarnated by recent rain. Colours bleed. Animation returns. Dull? As Ditch Water? Death, or Life?