Flotsam; Barnacles; Pottiputki; Whelm – So Long.


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One of the constant themes in the garden here is the ever-changing weather that we can experience in the same month, and from year to year. So no surprise that after one of the sunniest and driest Februarys, March should … Continue reading

AAA – Avoid All Acronyms; The Dragon Sleeps and The Sky People are Coming.


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A much heralded Geminid meteorite shower round the middle of the month had me waking at 3.00am to a bedroom far too light in spite of drawn curtains and blinds. The moon was still high in the sky (click here … Continue reading

When I’m Feeling Blue; Pitchers, Twits, Carnivory; and Reliable Rhodies


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All I gotta do, is take a look at you, (as Phil Collins sings on Groovy Kind of Love). A busy 10 days and more cold wet weather. At this time of the year even rainy days and Sundays don’t … Continue reading

Harvests, Visions, Politics and Sabbaticals


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This has proved to be the most difficult post to put together so far, and will end up I fear, being rather bitty but mainly because of the last political section. So I’ll include lots of garden photos early on, … Continue reading

Mother, Brother, Father and How Words Failed Me


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It’s strange how things just happen. The ‘chance events’ which occur and sometimes lead us off in new directions of thought or action. Last week after finishing my post with thoughts on helping my mother-in-law prepare to leave the family … Continue reading

Lily of the Valley; Swallows; Links and the Evolution of our Terrace Garden


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After what was perhaps the biggest global internet media event ever, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, I had to start with a brief mention of Lily of the Valley. We inherited ours when we moved into a … Continue reading