June Jewels; Summer Spate; Crocus Clubs and Cuckoo Spit


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Life has exploded this June. It probably happens every June, but maybe weather conditions have concentrated the process this year. And when I say life, I really mean the invertebrates which share our garden and meadows with us. I get … Continue reading

Master of None; Weed Steaming; Pink in Red; and Being in The Right Place at the Right Time


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Butt. Tip. Slype. Wale. Scallum. Back. Belly. Rod. Dark Dicks. Light Dicks. Bodkin. The unfamiliar lexicon of a new activity had to be assimilated quickly, along with practical skills, when Fiona and I headed off last weekend for an intensive … Continue reading

Mother, Brother, Father and How Words Failed Me


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It’s strange how things just happen. The ‘chance events’ which occur and sometimes lead us off in new directions of thought or action. Last week after finishing my post with thoughts on helping my mother-in-law prepare to leave the family … Continue reading