Jubilee June; Three Silver Spoons; Thinning, Cutting and Raking.


What a Jubilee June! Far too much to write about, so I’ll rely heavily on photos to tell the story of a jam-packed June. It began in a subdued fashion with the weather turning cool, grey, and damp without enough … Continue reading

Time To Prove; Frosty Formatting; Worth the Wait


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Little did I think, as I worked in early April writing words for “This Glorious Spring”, that began with these three lines: In this most glorious spring, our cruel Gods with cunning irony, And perfect twenty twenty vision, hung out … Continue reading

Heat, Drought, Stress, Fire; Flashy Misses; Floral Meadow; Coastal Cove.


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Rarer than an England football team playing in a World Cup semi-final. Having to write a post preoccupied with the effects of an ongoing heatwave, sunshine most days, and the drought conditions which continue to affect us here. The garden … Continue reading

June Jewels; Summer Spate; Crocus Clubs and Cuckoo Spit


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Life has exploded this June. It probably happens every June, but maybe weather conditions have concentrated the process this year. And when I say life, I really mean the invertebrates which share our garden and meadows with us. I get … Continue reading