Fog and Frost; Ripples and An Immaterial Rhapsody; Anyone for (fungi hunting) Croquet?


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At last, November 2nd, a dense grey scene greeted me as I drew the upstairs bedroom curtains. But not without hope, as it had the faintest hint of colour seeping through, due East. As always, the next job in my … Continue reading

Time To Prove; Frosty Formatting; Worth the Wait


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Little did I think, as I worked in early April writing words for “This Glorious Spring”, that began with these three lines: In this most glorious spring, our cruel Gods with cunning irony, And perfect twenty twenty vision, hung out … Continue reading

Butterfly Bonanza – Jizz, Flibutting, and Etymology; Growing Tomatoes Organically – Update; Roast Apricots with Amaretti, Vanilla, Lemon and Brandy.


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Recurring themes. Seasonality of thoughts and observation run though a blog like this with inevitable, reassuring familiarity. But there are always novelties and new discoveries. Searching for a post I knew I’d written on ‘entomolgical explosions’, I discovered it was … Continue reading

Red Robbo and the Waning Stain, and Christmas Cookery.


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First sharpen your knife. The Kerfuffle. The Catch. The Short Walk. And afterwards, the time to reflect. And this year, with greater numbers of birds brought on from their yellow igloo kitchen incubation, and coaxed from tough dry shells, through … Continue reading