Butterfly Bonanza – Jizz, Flibutting, and Etymology; Growing Tomatoes Organically – Update; Roast Apricots with Amaretti, Vanilla, Lemon and Brandy.


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Recurring themes. Seasonality of thoughts and observation run though a blog like this with inevitable, reassuring familiarity. But there are always novelties and new discoveries. Searching for a post I knew I’d written on ‘entomolgical explosions’, I discovered it was … Continue reading

Bottle Bank Recycled; Why Do I Do it? Spring Song Symphony – with Warbler.


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Sublime songs have serenaded us over the last 10 days, whenever we’ve ventured into the lower parts of the garden. Initially I’d thought it was a swallow, without paying it too much attention, and then realised that the mellifluous, clear … Continue reading