Seeing Red; Gandalf the Grey; The End of The Seasons; and Peace Music


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The skies have frequently been amazing of late, mainly in brief interludes at dawn and dusk, between grey, mild, and increasingly wet days.The sun is surely the same, but the cloud effects and the colours have been dramatic. Like the … Continue reading

Goodbye October; Inching, Leaping and Dying Back; Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential (Part 1 – The Idea)


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As the light seeps from the grey wet scene at 3.30pm, I’m taking a pause from work on “The Reactor” to catch up with a blog post. More about this project later, but first a few of the gorgeous and … Continue reading

Autumn Leaf Colour Physiology; The Big Bulb Plant Ends, Nearly.


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I always loved my university courses in physiology and biochemistry. I didn’t find them that easy, but even all those years ago they confirmed that life wasn’t just amazing at the whole organism or species level, but even more so … Continue reading

Pictures Speak Louder than Words, Fading Gracefully and Last Pickings


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I managed to find a seed of an Erodium manescavii about to be released which I’ve included below, after mentioning the fantastic form of its seed in my last blog, and how the seed augurs its way into the ground … Continue reading