Harmonies No. 4; Comments and Meadows.

Here is the next video in my series, prompted by the start of the war in Ukraine – my personal response to try to capture a sense of harmony rather than discord, through sounds, images and music, focused on the natural world which surrounds us here.

The video clips all came from the end of April and into early May. A time when the garden and landscape really changes fast, almost daily, as many spring bulbs finish flowering, but foliage and growth explodes. As is inevitable, the time involved in sourcing the music, filming and editing these compilations means that just 4 weeks later, the scenes are completely different, but they’ll have to wait for another day.

For much of this period, we were blessed with dry weather, if not that much sunshine.

After mulling the issue over for some time, I’ve decided, for the time being, to remove the comments option from any of my posts and pages. Which is what I’ve always done with any videos I’ve uploaded to You Tube. All part of me slowing down a bit, I think, and potentially allowing me a bit more time away from a keyboard and computer screen. Thank you for everyone who’s taken the time to comment in the past, and I hope you still might enjoy looking and reading anything that gets uploaded here in the future.

With the meadows looking really lovely this year, and starting to reach their zenith with more orchids than ever, just a reminder that the garden is still open “by arrangement” for visitors. We probably won’t hold a special meadows opening day this year, so the chances are if you decided to come and look you’d have the place to yourselves.😊.

See the visiting the garden page for details. Although probably not a good idea for the next week or so, whilst I continue to shake off the dreaded lurgy.