A Welcome Wind; Beyond Blue Monday; Familiar Haunts, Surprise Treasures.


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The New Year began with snowdrops aplenty, but as I mentioned last time, no warmth for them to spread their petals wide, so a selection were brought inside for a New Year’s Day lunch, along with some snipped Daphne bholua … Continue reading

New Year, New Week, New Buzz


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The first week of January. What a week for being outside! Pardon? Yes, really. Although no spectacular sunrises and the weather has oscillated, as usual, from minus 8 frosts with feathered, blue-from-cold, greenhouse windows, and the first ice spike of … Continue reading

Dine With Bee; Snow and Colour Drops; Moon and Starls; Cutting back on Honesty, and Gardening as Therapy.


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Contemporary science, pollinator decline, the theory of evolution and crowd funding are all linked with this plea. Please consider supporting the team behind the Urban Pollinators research at Bristol university with their upcoming “Come Dine with Bee” project. Click here … Continue reading

Christmas Cheer, Boxing Day Blooms and Golden Hares


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Few words here. Just a record of this Christmas’ unseasonal flowers which seem to match the sentiments of the first verse read, snuggled up on Christmas morning, once the paperback was retrieved from the stockinged toe and fell open at … Continue reading

Wind and Weather Flips, Spiral Conundrums and Imbolc Fibonacci Issues


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So the “Beast from the East” has swept in after all. The initial derision on Radio 4 of newspaper reports of a Siberian blast approaching at least alerted us to the risks of proper wintry weather, which has hit Gelli in a very … Continue reading

Parental Influences and Literary Links, Reversion to Mean, and Unseasonal Blooms For A Happy New Year


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In a typically unrestful lead up to Christmas, chance comments with friends led us to embark on retro fitting of extra insulation to part of our home. Also typically, it will take us at least 3 times as long as initially … Continue reading