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Me, or you, by the end of this? Let’s get the word out of the way first. Apparently derived by combining “over”, with the Middle English verb “whelmen”, meaning to overturn, turn upside down, or submerge completely. Click here for … Continue reading

Could do Better; Recomposing; Without Love; Flowers and Insects.


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It’s only mid January, and already I’m thinking about next year’s bulb order. Significant numbers of larger bulbs aren’t going to be on it, maybe just a few Narcissus ‘Rjinveld’s Early Sensation’ but certainly lots more of those smaller gems which … Continue reading

Ripening, Falling, Dropping, Melzing; Shuttlecocks and Sowbreads; Ty Unnos, Rebecca and Dylan.


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How much energy is needed to melt a cubic metre of snow? This question popped into my mind after our previous heavy snowfall here, and whether we’d even manage to escape down our track, and make it to our Christmas … Continue reading

Dine with Bee; Snow and Colour Drops; Moon and Starls; Cutting back on Honesty, and Gardening as Therapy.


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Contemporary science, pollinator decline, the theory of evolution and crowd funding are all linked with the following plea. Please consider supporting the team behind the urban pollinators research at Bristol university with their upcoming “Come Dine with Bee” project. Click … Continue reading

Caucasian Bed Fellows and Leaving Your Mark; Bees and Belts; and Red, Blue or Black (Part 6 of Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential – Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed).


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Few tasks a gardener undertakes are likely to leave a mark in a century or more. Unless you happen to be a part of one of those all too rare gardening dynasties – think perhaps of the Banks family of … Continue reading