West is Best; Chomped Crocus and Pollen Tube Survival; Nocturnal Photography and a Lucky Escape.


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West is best. Three words we always relish on the National weather forecasts. Relief assured. Sunrises with distant, dense cloud banks, smothering the Eastern, and Southern horizon hills. And overhead the blue, blue skies of home. The weather has picked … Continue reading

NGS Snowdrop Garden and Spring Bulbs 2014 – ‘Second Week’ at Gelli Uchaf


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What a difference a few days makes at this time of the year. Particularly if you get a little sunshine. As the second in a series of mainly image based posts to record the progress of the spring bulb emergence … Continue reading

NGS Snowdrop Garden and Spring Bulbs 2014 – ‘First Week’ at Gelli Uchaf


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Forget the wettest ever Welsh winter. February’s fantastic flowers are loving it and blooming at Gelli Uchaf. This by chance is my 100th post, so I’m relaxing and making it very short on words or ideas. It’s designed to capture … Continue reading

Fleeting Visits; Woozy Wasps, and Crossing the Threshold.


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Significant subtle shifts since the last post. Shorter days, a return to rain at some time on most days and lots of seasonal observations – some familiar and, as always, some completely novel for this blogger. (last year almost no … Continue reading

Calon Aur; Power and Glory; Soil and Egg Shifting.


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I’ve just come in and peeled off the water proofs after the morning stock round, on a bitter, miserable morning. Lashing rain and gale force cold South Easterlies. No sign of ‘March going out like a lamb’ as I catch … Continue reading

Shared Pleasures and Treasures, Startling Starlings and Busy Bees


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Over a week without rain, so the blogging takes back seat to the logging. A long winter has taken its toll of our wood stocks. But a huge amount has happened in the last 2 weeks. Can anyone tell me … Continue reading

Caucasian Bed Fellows and Leaving Your Mark; Bees and Belts; and Red, Blue or Black (Part 6 of Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential – Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed).


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Few tasks a gardener undertakes are likely to leave a mark in a century or more. Unless you happen to be a part of one of those all too rare gardening dynasties – think perhaps of the Banks family of … Continue reading

Snow Sheep; Colour Perception in a Monochrome World; Otter Show – Snow Tunnel.


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As I write the text, all the snow which features in the images below has finally melted, and been washed away in further deluges, preluded by a brief power outage inducing storm on Saturday, with savage thunder and lightning which … Continue reading

Ice Vases and Snow; Golden Slumbers; Heavenly Hamamelis; New Year, New Look.


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After taking the hair dryer to the ice encrusted satellite dish this morning, and getting connected again, I can write this post and feature an Ice vase. Until last weekend, I didn’t know that such structures existed. I’d been walking … Continue reading

The Heat Goes On (Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential and Heating a Greenhouse with a Compost Bed – Part 5); Unintended Consequences; Looking Back, and Forward.


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It’s now over 7 weeks since I set up ‘The Reactor’, an external compost bed designed to heat the ‘inner zone’ in our 14 X 8 foot cedar framed greenhouse. Thanks again to Fiona’s patience and wizardry with Excel, I’m … Continue reading

Food and Frost; Trust and Goodbyes; Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential (Part 4: Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed – First Month’s Experience).


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Having been caught out by the severity of the last 2 winters, we were a bit better prepared this year, when the cold weather arrived early. The last week has been very cold, but the carrots we lifted at the … Continue reading

Patterns and Perceptions; Autumn Leaf Mould Energy Potential (Part 3 – Heating a Greenhouse with an External Compost Bed:- Design Tweaks, Internal Set Up and Initial Temperature Findings); Growth Limiting Factors.


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To put everyone out of the suspense left after my last post, I’m going to show the starting point of the mystery image. Thanks to Carolyn for having a go at the identification. As you can see it’s an image … Continue reading