Toms; Toms; Toms; TOMS. Colour In the Kitchen; and NGS Snowdrop Garden and Spring Bulbs 2014 ‘Third Week’ at Gelli Uchaf


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I must spend a bit more time featuring the fabulous Crocus tommasinianus, which is a mainstay of our spring garden. Named in honour of a Hungarian botanist Muzio de Tommasini, it’s native to parts of Hungary, Bulgaria and the old … Continue reading

Shared Pleasures and Treasures, Startling Starlings and Busy Bees


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Over a week without rain, so the blogging takes back seat to the logging. A long winter has taken its’ toll of our wood stocks. But a huge amount has happened in the last 2 weeks.  … (Can anyone tell … Continue reading

Profligacy, Variations and Longhorn, Buff-tip, Poplar Hawk, and Bogong


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Firstly an admission. I got it wrong, when I said that Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ seemed to be sterile. This followed last year’s attempts to self pollinate it with no apparent success and discovering that there didn’t appear to be viable … Continue reading

Crocus Questions And Speculations


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Most flowers neatly severed just below the petal’s base The Crocus chomper next to some Scilla tubergeniana As we pass St.David’s day with only a few Tete a Tete narcissi in bloom, we have at least the Crocus to lift the spirits as … Continue reading